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Gardening is a fruitful and relaxing pastime enjoyed by millions of people in the UK. But over half a million accidents occur outdoors at home each year. Without inducing panic or hysteria, SafeGardening's team of experts goes through the different areas that can cause concern and offers practical advice to keep everyone safe.
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Case Studies
Case Studies: Don't Underestimate Bonfires: Case Study, Danger of Tree Climbing to...
Fruit and Veg
Fruit and Veg: Growing Your Own Fruit, Which Wild Plants are Safe to Consume?,...
Garden Chemicals
Garden Chemicals: Safe Fertilisers, Patio and Path Cleaner, Safe Pesticide Use, When Do...
Garden Environment
Garden Environment: How To Safely Dispose of Garden Refuse, Gardening Crop Rotation:...
Garden Equipment
Garden Equipment: Is Your Garden Hose Safe?, Garden Lighting, BBQ Safety & Gas...
Garden Wildlife
Garden Wildlife: Safe Pest Control, Protect Garden Wildlife, Wildlife Threats to the...
Gardening for Pensioners
Gardening for Pensioners: Tools to Help Sow Seeds, Why to Keep a Lawn &...
Personal Protection
Personal Protection: Is Your Garden Legally Safe?, Bee/Wasp Stings...
Pets and Children
Pets and Children: Building a Kid's Tree House Safely, Care With Toys in the Garden,...
Plants and Planting
Plants and Planting: Felling Trees Safely, Pruning Trees and Shrubs,...
Poisons and Toxins
Poisons and Toxins: Dangerous Plants To Pets, Poisonous Berries, Poisonous Shrubs,...
Power Tools
Power Tools: Fuel Storage and Use, Hedge Cutters, Pruners and Trimmers, Chainsaw...
Water: Electric Water Fountain Safety, Hosepipes and Sprinklers, Tips For...
Latest Comments
  • SafeGardening
    Re: Patio and Path Cleaner
    @Lis83. Any degreasing type of cleaner should do it if ordinary washing up liquid doesn't work. Remember don't put water on until you're…
    27 April 2015
  • Lis83
    Re: Patio and Path Cleaner
    I spilt olive oil on my concrete path yesterday any idea how to get this out
    22 April 2015
  • SafeGardening
    Re: Can Neighbour Spray Weedkiller Into My Garden?
    @imat. This is criminal damage and you can take court action. As always, try talking first.
    27 February 2015
  • imat
    Re: Can Neighbour Spray Weedkiller Into My Garden?
    My neighbour sprayed poison onto my plants,I happens to be outside when he pushed the pole on the sprayer…
    25 February 2015
  • SafeGardening
    Re: Poisonous Berries
    @vinny. That's really sad, thank you for alerting our readers to this.
    18 February 2015
  • vinny
    Re: Poisonous Berries
    My 6 month puppy as eaten poison ivy or the berrys result of that was I at to put him to sleep he ended up with breathing problems and stomach…
    16 February 2015
  • SafeGardening
    Re: Raised Flower Bed Gardening
    @edislaw. That's correct and useful extra information to point out. Thanks
    20 October 2014
  • Edislaw
    Re: Raised Flower Bed Gardening
    Make sure, however, that you don't build it against somebody else's property. If you do you may cause dampness in their wall and be…
    18 October 2014
  • Bunty Hepplethwaite
    Re: Poisonous Berries
    @the-keeper. Yes but parents cannot expect schools to take on every responsibility in relation to young children. I would say this is a parent's…
    14 October 2014
  • the-keeper
    Re: Poisonous Berries
    With all this information, and the suggestion that small and while they are young children, should be made aware of these dangers at home! Then…
    13 October 2014
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